George S Kimbele 1859-1860

George S Kimbele – 1859
Ligonier Lodge’s First Worshipful Master

150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary


Ligonier Lodge 150th Anniversary – 2009
Stephen Gardner, R.W.P.G.M. and Lodge Officers

Origin of Ligonier Lodge 

The Petition begins, “We the undersigned, being regular Master Masons, formerly members of the Lodges mentioned against our respective names, and at this time not members of any Lodge, pray for a warrant of constitution, empowering us to meet as a regular Lodge at Ligonier, Westmoreland County State of Penn[sylvani]a to be called Ligonier Lodge, and there to discharge the duties of Masonry in a constitutional Manner according to the forms of the order, and the rules and regulations of the Grand Lodge…” the Petition was signed by seven Master Masons, all but one from Loyalhanna Lodge No. 275, and endorsed by three more from the same lodge. “At a meeting of [Loyalhanna] Lodge No. 275, held at the Hall on the 6th day of December A.D. 1858, A.L. 5858: On Motion Made and Seconded, it was Resolved, That the above petition be recommended to the favorable consideration of the R. W. Grand Lodge.” This recommendation was signed by the Worshipful Master and Secretary. “Issued a Warrant …dated 7th Day of March 1859 for a Lodge… to be held at Ligonier, Westmoreland Co Penn[sylvani]a County, Pennsylvania.” The Warrant was signed by Henry M. Phillips, Right Worshipful Grand Master, and the other Grand Lodge Officers. Ligonier Lodge No. 331 was constituted on May 13, 1859 by District Deputy Grand Master A. M. Pollock on dispensation by the Grand Master. Warrant Officers were Brothers George S. Kemble as Worshipful Master, Joseph W. Moorhead as Senior Warden, and John McClintick as Junior Warden.