Origin of Freemasonry Worldwide

  • It’s widely accepted among historians that Freemasonry arose from the stonemason guilds during the middle ages.
  • The oldest documented item with Masonic references comes from a poem print around 1390 AD.
  • In 1717 in London England, four lodges formed the Grand Lodge of England.

Origin of Freemasonry in America

  • It is said the first Lodge meeting in the western hemisphere was held in King’s Chapel, Boston, in 1720.
  • The first official lodge was in Philadelphia PA. St. John’s meeting at Tun Tavern. Constituted July 30, 1733.

Origin of Freemasonry in Pennsylvania

  • Two English Grand Lodges erected lodges in Pennsylvania during the 18th century.
  • The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, as we know it today, was established on September 26, 1786.